Hi, I’m Max. I’m a meditation and mindfulness coach.

Ten years ago, my meddling mind sent me down a path of self-discovery.
I discovered meditation and other spiritual practices that changed my experience of life in ways I never thought possible.

But hey, you’re not here to learn about me.
You’re here to learn about yourself.

Perhaps you’re here because recently you’ve felt detached from the hubbub of life.
Or maybe, you achieved what you thought would finally make you happy, but it left you feeling the same, or worse.

Perhaps, you’re new to it all. Spirituality and meditation are fluffy far-out concepts to you, but you had an experience that your thinking mind could not comprehend. Or, maybe you’re wondering why your childhood was so full of joy and wonder, yet now your life is muted and dull.

Or, perhaps you’re simply tired of ‘yourself’. You’re exhausted by your self-judgement.
Why are you an antagonist to yourself? Out of everybody, at least you ought to be on your own side.

If only you could get out of your own way.
Then the world would be yours to mould in whatever shape you wish.
See, you’ve become trapped in a web of your own making.
And I’d like to help you disentangle yourself.

Here’s what to expect 👇

😄 Stop taking life so seriously with more experiences of love and gratitude than you ever could imagine.
🧠 A quieter and gentler mind with fewer negative thoughts and less self-judgment.
⚡ Improved energy, alertness, and focus in everything you do.
👁️ Watch as unhealthy and counterproductive habits fall away.

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